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EMEA Growth Strategy


Analysed the value chain of the EMEA top 50 Technology and Media companies to identify levers where the client could unlock value

The client, a scale-up machine learning platform, needed help in pursuing its aggressive growth targets.

A partnership between Accenture Strategy and this client benefitted both: while Accenture could keep offering innovative services, this client could access the suite of Accenture clients in a variety of industries and geographies.

My role was to scan Accenture clients in the Technology, Communications and Media space, analyse their value chain and identify target customers that would be receptive to the the client messages


Business Strategy Consultant


Accenture Strategy and Scale-up Machine Learning Platform


In the capacity of Business Strategy Consultant for Accenture Strategy, I have scanned the list of 150+ clients in the Technology, Media and Communications sector with whom Accenture had a long lasting relationship in EMEA. By leveraging stakeholders' insights, value chain analysis, the work that Accenture was doing at clients' site and the clients' objectives, I have prioritised such a list and designed 50+ workshops in which I have showcased how to connect the machine learning platform services with the clients' targets.

This allowed the machine learning platform client to present itself as a key partner in helping Accenture clients in reaching their goals, by having use cases ready, tailored to the specific needs and with estimates of benefits at their first client interaction, helping them achieve a stunning 75% success rate.



When interacting with senior stakeholders that have the power to make a decision on whether to pursue a business partnership, reading the room is of fundamental importance.

Facilitating 50+ workshops with stakeholders of such a calibre taught me the importance of gathering information about the target audience ahead of important meetings to better tailor the message. When such intelligence is not available, then having ready slides for the big-picture lovers as well as the detail-lovers is the way to go: it's then my ability to interpret the audience reactions and linger on the slides that I see as being more effective.


Workshops are, more than meetings and conferences, spaces where a two-way communication is imperative. In this specific client engagement, as much as communicating the offered services, my objective was to instill an interest into the art of possible and keep the conversation going. That's why my workshops included not only presentations, but also interactive tools with which the participants could participate with their smartphone in order to keep their engagement high and their participation active


This project entailed managing three layers of stakeholders: Accenture Strategy leadership, the machine learning platform client leadership and the clients to whom I was presenting.

Often the stakeholders I was presenting were senior executives.

I learnt how to manage upwards, how to be immediately been taken seriously and how to set the right tone of voice when interacting with these stakeholders


Strategy Manager at Accenture

Having directly led Giammarco on several projects, I highlight the planning and management of a multinational divestiture for a Leading Pan-European Technology Company. In this project, Giammarco applied strategic thinking and business operations understanding, employing Microsoft Excel for the analysis and PowerPoint for the deliverables.


He showed strong communication and interpersonal skills, essential to collaborate with a multidisciplinary team in the Netherlands and the UK.

Additionally, during the definition and implementation of a strategic infrastructure transformation for a UK Media Services Company, Giammarco established the project and program management capabilities and the governance model. He carried out the financial assessment for new projects, demonstrating business case and Microsoft Excel skills.


Lastly, Giammarco took on the development of many proposals and the organisation of community events for our team. He was responsible for producing quality deliverables in tight deadlines and for fostering team building.

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