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Go-to-Market Strategy

As a Business Strategy Consultant, I analysed the self-driving car market and recommended how the client should market its cloud services to best serve this emerging market

EMEA Growth Strategy

As a Business Strategy Consultant, I analysed the value chain of the EMEA top 50 Technology and Media companies to identify levers where the client could unlock value


Marketing and Loyalty Strategy

As a Senior Strategist, I designed an innovative Marketing Strategy and Loyalty Operating Model and the monitoring system to track its performance 


Digital Strategy

As a Senior Digital Strategist, I enriched the digital offering of a leading educational services provider with innovative services such as gamification, AI adaptive learning and far-shored time banking


Sustainability Strategy 

As part of the World Economic Forum PACE (Platform for Accelerating the Circular Economy), I designed and prototyped a new business model to shift consumption from disposable to durable packaging solutions

All Projects

Corporate Strategy 

As a Senior Manager in Business Strategy, I led the strategy and budgetary review of the Hotel and Car department of a leading global travel technology company


Operations & Project Management

As a Senior Project Manager and Strategist, I managed the divestiture of strategic operations of a Leading Pan-European Technology Company

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