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Launched in Lockdown: from office shoots to video training

Cube video is an animation agency based in Maidenhead and specialised in creating content for business and brands. Pre-covid, the agency's main services were physical shoots at offices, on location or at events.

The business idea

After covid, the agency leveraged previously-shot content in new ways, giving guidance and training on how to film at home, and promoting additional animation capabilities.

The results

  • 90% of demand is now animation and video editing

  • 4 new product offerings have been launched since lockdown

  • A new social strategy has obtained 16,000+ views on LinkedIn

  • Become a confirmed COVID-19 Crown Commercial supplier, leading to project with the local council for a food bank initiative

Lessons learnt

1. The opportunities are in front of you, they’re not magic

  • Listening to customers and seeing spikes – can be product types, channel types or customer types

  • Look at yourself – look at your existing assets (your strengths and capabilities) rather than your existing products and services

2. Act first, plan second

  • Go online without fear of your IP protection

  • Try what you’ve always thought of

  • Partner for speed and to de-risk

3. Activate the whole organisation, don’t waste the crisis

  • Bring everyone along – let them know what’s going on, don’t hide it

  • Ask employees for answers – they see opportunities you don’t and will be excited to step up

  • Technology and data – CRM system, online collaboration, management information

4. Leaders step up, this is your time

  • Crises require huge concentration in leadership decisions – people, customers, operations, financials all within days

  • Pivots especially need decisiveness – your gut knows it, but you need to jump in first

  • There’s help – connect you to peers or mentors

Full interview available here


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