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Launched in Lockdown: from 100% physical to 100% digital service

MovementX provides personalised, hands-on physical therapy. Their transformation following Covid19 was a true U-turn: from delivering exceptional individualised service by treating their clients where they live, work and exercise, they understood that survival resided in a complete shift in delivering their services.

The business idea

As Covid19 started spreading, it became apparent that social distancing would have affected how MovementX served their clients. Finding alternative ways to provide high-quality and safe care in this new environment was of utmost importance to keep the business afloat.

We then decided to:

  • shift from 100% in-person, hands-on care to primarily tele-health and some physically separated sessions that are in-person, but where clients and therapists remain 2-3 metres away from each other. Of course, these in-person treatments are reserved for those patients who require more assistance and happen with appropriate personal protective equipment.

  • launch some on-demand, mobile exercise series for the older adults. For instance, a specialised 8-week programme is designed for anyone aged 60+ who wants to stay healthy, active, and strong.

The advantages are clear: our mobile services help our patients obtain high quality care at their location—no queues, no waitings, no need to be in a clinic.

The results

MovementX recorded a sudden increase in the number of applications from therapists who want to join their organisation. As many physical therapists were furloughed, made redundant, or chose to move away from traditional clinics, they sought to become part of the MovementX community. This has enabled them to grow their business and offerings.

Lessons learnt

1. Creating your own future is a choice

Even the best planner has been taken by surprise by moments like these. MovementX themselves have declared they thought to be in a bullet-proof industry, immune to recessions, given that their profession topped consistently the lists of in-demand jobs in the future. They decided to be part of that army of people that create their own future.

2. Keep true to your core mission

Movement X reconsidered their services in the light of their ultimate mission: to serve and help people. By focusing on this as their guiding light, before and during this pandemic, has allowed them to grow into the resilient business they are today.

Full interview available here

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