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Launched in Lockdown: servicing directly consumers from spas and salons

Meadow Skincare is a British skincare vegan brand that has exploited the Covid19 pandemic to increase their presence online

The business idea

The duo behind the vegan skincare brand is made of skincare formulator, Kelly Spinks, and massage therapist, Wendy Lane. The pandemic closed their normal route to market, made of spas and salons. The challenge was seized as an opportunity to implement a direct-to-consumer business model.

To continue trading, they took up a loan from a start-up incubator and invested in a social media agency.

The results

The value proposition of beauty products that are naturally sourced, made with British ingredients when possible and cruelty free, has had a great resonance on social media.

Not only Kelly and Wendy managed to transition successfully to a direct to consumer business model. They also managed to have such a great customer base now that enquiries from other salons and spas have increased, notwithstanding the current closures

Lessons learnt

1. Shift the focus on your end customer

In the current climate, the intermediary players (spas and salons) are restricted. But Wendy and Kelly were able to communicate the value of their proposition to the end customers, hence it was easier to convey to the customer base the value of their product.

2. Killing the middle man is not always right

While this might seem as the classical case where intermediary players (salons and spas) should be jumped, I don't think this strategy would pay off in the long term. Receiving products in those environments contributes to the experience of indulging in a personal treatment, reinforces the brand and the positive associations with it.

Furthermore, in this case, the online demand has increased demand from the intermediaries, so killing them would decrease revenues in the long run.

3. Keep your authenticity

I believe that the power of the value proposition is what kept the business alive and thriving.

This, united to the fact that people stuck at home want to take good care of themselves, played in favour of Meadow Skincare

Full interview available here


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