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Launched in Lockdown: from meringues to home-baking kits

Flower & White is a family-owned business based in Telford specialised in handcrafted meringues. Owners are Brian and Leanne, husband and wife, who have grown the business rapidly, currently operate out of a 13,000 square foot factory with 30 employees.

The business idea

When Covid struck, Flower and White knew they had to shift their focus away from the gifting market. By teaming up with a local supplier, they created direct-to-consumer (D2C) home baking kits – recognising the rising trend of baking at home. Brian and Leanne also hired a social media agency to help drive online sales and help with cash flow.

The results

  • 90% sales are now baking kits

  • 9 brand-new products have been launched

  • Expansion is in progress, with products on their way to the US

  • 5 QVC shows have been recorded and others are booked over next few months

  • Facebook followers have increased by 18% and Instagram by 22%

  • Online orders are up 800%

  • Haven’t furloughed any front line staff and are actively recruiting

  • Taken on 3 new wholesalers for longer-term opportunities

Lessons learnt

1. Understand the trends and turn them at your benefit

  • Be quick in understanding how you can pivot by exploiting the changed scenario

2. Partner to speed up key processes

  • When Flower and White understood the potential in the home baking kit, they preferred to partner with a local supplier to create their direct-to-consumer channel.

3. Don't be afraid to make decision quickly

  • The transformation Flower & White were going through required many decisions taken at speed. They were not afraid to embark in the transformation, probably thinking that a bad decision can be adjusted, while no decisions can just make everything stall

Full interview available here


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