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Corporate Strategy


Led the strategy and budgetary review of the Hotel and Car-rental business units of a leading global travel technology company

Travelport is the third world's Global Distribution System: they aggregate data from air carriers, hotels and car rental companies and distribute them to online travel agencies at a global scale.

At a pivotal moment of the company transformation, with a change at CEO level, I was hired to lead the review of the corporate strategy and the budget allocated to the mobile applications developed by this global travel technology company


Senior Manager

Sales Strategy and Operations




As an experienced Business Strategist, I leveraged my skills in interviewing stakeholders and in conducting value chain analysis to understand who to involve, what information I needed and where the company wanted to go.

Having been hired the same month of the new CEO played at my advantage as I had the chance to interact with him in the first two weeks and gather the starting ideas about the company direction to be refined through my research.

I have conducted a thorough analysis of the Hotel and Car industry, as well as a capability analysis of Travelport, and reviewed the 2015-2019 ROIs.

This allowed me to recommend budgetary changes according to the latest customer demands and competitive landscape.

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I discovered I really enjoy coaching and developing people.

My experience in strategy consulting gave me the chance to rotate in many companies and departments, and this helped me train people or advising where they have potential. Seeing these advices followed and people developing their skills was really rewarding.


Together with the intern community, we realised a series of Corporate Social Responsibility activities in line with the United Nations 17 Sustainability goals. Making these fun and engaging ensured participation from all departments and contributed in reaching the corporate CSR goals


Sales Strategy and Operations Senior Director, Travelport

Giammarco joined the company and my team in Q3 2019 to support the strategic, operational, and communications activities of the Office of the C&MO.


Giammarco’s key strengths were his capability to understand complex business material quickly, his excellent presentation skills across both written and verbal media, and his breadth in terms of being able to deliver valuable work product across all areas of work.


The C&MO function was broad covering Product, Customer Strategy, Marketing, External Comms, Customer Helpdesk & Operations teams, with c. 700 employees. Giammarco was able to work readily in all areas. He was remarkably proactive both before his arrival and immediately afterwards in learning all he could from a wide range of sources about the company.


A strong self-starter, he was proactive in ensuring that he got exposure to all relevant information. He came to the role with a strong skillset: able to produce clear and insightful work from the outset. He has a very organised method of working, tracking projects, tasks and progress rigorously. He brought huge efficiency to all manner of tasks, and was continually seeking to raise standards and pursue professional excellence.


His strategic work is very high quality, with all the right facets brought to bear on the challenges being considered, and energetic and focused research into key questions.


The clarity of the output was impressive. In the relatively short time Giammarco was with us he advanced work in many areas including: various customer-segment and product-focused strategic papers, the 2020 operational plan, development of the 2020 KPI set, design and rollout of the reporting framework and process for 2020 management overview, ownership of the risk review process for the function, action tracking and support, monthly internal communications and employee engagement programme.


Giammarco’s interpersonal skills are great. He quickly established himself as a member of the team, was very good at building relationships with peers across the business and earnt the respect of senior (VP/Sr. Director level/+) people quickly. He is a very genuine person, grounded and thoughtful, and motivated by a desire to do the best thing for the enterprise and his colleagues.

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